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Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Its intricate designing and details adds a decorative touch to the fabric and hence enhancing the look.

Banarsi is known for its textile crafts. It’s fabric and detailing are distinctive from the rest of the world. The Fabric Studio’s Banarasi collection comes in a variety of fabrics and more, woven in celebratory floral & damask zari patterns.

Print Fabrics is the art of applying colors to a fabric in a definitive pattern or design. The floral motifs and dainty designs aggrandize the fabrics.

Simplicity at it’s best. The Fabric Studio’s plain fabric collection is ordinarily extraordinary. The plain fabric usher a look of sophistication and elegance.

The Fancy Handwork Embroidery Collection of The Fabric Studio is filled with rich and exquisite designs. The craftwork is handwoven which accentuates the fine fabric.

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